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Transfer Agent & Registrar Services

Securities Transfers & Issuance

Let us handle all your transfer needs

Capital Transfer Agency provides responsive, innovative, and comprehensive transfer agency services. We’re familiar with every facet of this highly-regulated industry, and can assist your organization with our enterprise-leading knowledge.


In addition to our exceptional solutions, our team will provide responsive and detail-perfect service with swift turnaround times. Let us show you the difference a client-first philosophy makes.

Corporate Actions, Warrants & Rights

Are you considering initiating a corporate action?

Our expert team members will guide your organization through the rigours of corporate actions from beginning to end. We can handle all aspects, including: mergers, acquisitions, forward and reverse stock splits, stock dividend disbursements, spin-offs, name changes, changes of officers and directors, shareholder mailings, and shareholder reports.

Equity Plan Management

Handle Transfer Agency and Equity Plan Management at CTA!

Through a partnership with OptionTrax, CTA now offers comprehensive fintech solutions for issuers using both a transfer agency and an equity plan management service provider. By including both services under one roof, CTA is seeking to simplify the vendor relationships maintained by the executives and board members of our issuers.

Corporate Trust

Looking for support on a corporate trust issue?

Some of the services Capital Transfer Agency can help with include: security trustee or agent, debt trustee, warrant agent or trustee, escrow agent, subscription receipt agent, collateral or security trustee, or fund trustee.


Keep important filings up to date

Effortlessly ensure compliance in all areas of your business with Capital Transfer Agency’s corporate records filing service. Your company’s records are filed accurately and on time by our expert team members.

Shareholder Meeting Administration

Meetings Page

Please visit our Meetings Page for more information!


Shareholder Meeting Services

Need help with your AGM or ASM?

Make sure you’ve got all the right tools for your AGM or ASM. Our experienced team can assist you with all meeting requirements, including: securityholder mailing and printing services, NOBO mailings and e-delivery, in addition to complete meeting services such as venue planning, setup, proxy tabulation, online voting, scrutineering, and SEDAR filings.

Notice and Access

Have you considered Notice and Access?

Under National Instruments 54-101 and 51-102, the CSA introduced the concept of Notice & Access (N&A) that allows issuers to mail a single notice outlining the meeting date, time, venue and provide information on how to access the proxy materials online for their Annual Meeting mail packages.

N&A has several benefits, namely:

  • Reduction in printing and postage costs
  • Reduced environmental impact – no need to print high volumes of materials

When an issuer is determining whether N&A is right for them; the following should be considered:

  • Record date must be set no less than 40 calendar days prior to your meeting date.
  • Mailing date must be no less than 30 calendar days prior to your meeting date.
  • The proxy package must include​ a Notice and the Proxy or Voting Instruction Form.
  • Holders must have the ability to request a full proxy package at no charge to them, for a 1-year period.
  • Any requests for materials received before the meeting date must be fulfilled within 3 business days. Fulfillment must be completed within 10 calendar days for requests after meeting date.
  • Proxy materials must be posted on SEDAR and a non SEDAR site for a 1-year period from the date of the mailing.

Using Notice & Access is dependent on the place of incorporation as the various Business Corporations Acts provide proxy mailing requirements. We encourage you to contact your legal counsel to determine your specific requirements.

Corporate Secretarial Support Services

Corporate Secretarial Support

Find corporate secretarial services suited to your business

Our customized corporate secretarial services are the perfect solution for issuers searching for expert assistance with a variety of tasks, including recording secretary services, minute book review, and more.

Continuous Disclosure and Regulatory Reporting

Contact us for details

Please contact us for details about our service, Continuous Disclosure and Regulatory Reporting

Minute Book Review and Custody

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Please contact us for details about our service, Minute Book Review and Custody

Registered Office Address & Mail Forwarding

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Please contact us for details about our service, Registered Office Address & Mail Forwarding

More than just a transfer agent. We provide customized solutions for your business.