Why Capital Transfer Agency?

Capital Transfer Agency is a professional services firm that provides the highest-quality service in the industry. We believe the best way to help our clients is to offer innovative and customizable solutions. As part of the Pacific Services Group, we can easily assist issuers in both Canada and the United States.

We pride ourselves on our client-first approach, and our dedication to finding solutions that work. At CTA, we believe in building long-term working partnerships, to ensure we always deliver unparalleled service and responsiveness, which helps you achieve outstanding results.

Our Company History

Since 2004 Capital Transfer Agency has been committed to delivering a world-class customer experience. We are proud to be part of the Pacific Services Group, and together with Pacific Stock Transfer in the US, we now represent over 3,000 issuers, comprised of over 750,000 shareholders worldwide.

About Capital Transfer Agency
Issuers We Serve

Canadian Exchanges

TSX Venture, CSE, NEO, OTC, Private Issuers
U.S. Exchanges
NYSE, Nasdaq, OTC QX, OTC QB, OTC Pink, Grey Market, Pre-IPO, Private Cos, REITs, Mutual Funds

Our Promise To You

We bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge, experience, and dedication to providing the most comprehensive transfer agent services available. With our client-first philosophy and exceptional responsiveness, we deliver customized solutions designed to help your organization succeed.

Our Team


Emilia Huniewicz

Managing Director

[email protected]

About Me

Emilia Huniewicz joined Capital Transfer Agency in 2021. With experience at Broadridge, Donnelley, and Kingsdale, Emilia brings to CTA strong leadership skills, sales & marketing expertise, and a broad exposure to private and public company transactions. Emilia loves spending time with her daughter and greatly looks forward to bringing CTA and the entire team to new heights!

Billy Miller


[email protected]

About Me

Upon the acquisition of Capital Transfer Agency by Pacific Services Group, Billy Miller joined the two person team to oversee the operations and growth of the company. As a Director, Billy assists the Canadian team on strategy, sales & marketing, and the execution of client transactions. Billy lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and works from the offices of CTA’s sister company Pacific Stock Transfer, a US based Stock Transfer Agency.
_KI_2871 - Sandra Presnail - Crop

Sandra Presnail

Operations Manager

[email protected]

About Me

Sandra Presnail has been with Capital Transfer Agency since 2007 as Operations Manager. Sandra has spent her career in the financial services industry in various roles and functions. Sandra is experienced in all aspects of the transfer agency business and leads the more complex transactions. In her spare time Sandra is an avid golfer.
_KI_3011 - Danielle Cavalcante - Crop

Danielle Cavalcante

Senior operations associate

[email protected]

About Me

Danielle Cavalcante has been with Capital Transfer Agency since 2008. In her current role Danielle is responsible for corporate actions and leads our Annual Meeting Services for clients. Prior to joining CTA, Danielle was involved in investor relations. In her spare time Danielle enjoys spending time with her children and taking trips to the arcade.
_KI_3111 - Nick Vaswani - Crop

Nick Vaswani

operations associate

[email protected]

About Me

Nick Vaswani joined Capital Transfer Agency in early 2019 in the role of Operations Associate. Nick has spent his career working in the financial services industry in various roles and brings previous transfer agency experience. Nick is a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada where he majored in Economics. In his free time Nick devotes himself to various charitable causes.

_KI_3070 - Andrea Benzinger - Crop

Andrea Benzinger

Executive & operations associate

[email protected]

About Me

Andrea Benzinger joined Capital Transfer Agency in 2019 as an Executive and Operations Associate. Andrea has 10 years of experience in the financial services industry and has previously worked as a corporate accountant. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario where she majored in Management and Organization studies.  In her spare time Andrea enjoys reading.
_KI_2962 - Dana ALBATAL - Crop

Dana Al Batal

administrative assistant

[email protected]

About Me

Dana Batal joined Capital Transfer Agency in 2019, upon relocating to Canada.  Dana holds  a bachelor’s degree in Trade and Economics and has over 10 years of project administration and managerial experience. In her spare time Dana enjoys playing basketball and volunteering to organize activities for the children of those who are new to Canada.


Holly Stewart

Business development

[email protected]

About Me

Holly Stewart joined the Capital Transfer Agency in 2020 to expand our reach to more issuers in search of a better transfer agency and corporate services experience. Holly is a recognized and experienced leader with over 14 years of experience in Sales, Customer Service, Finance, and Events Management.


Andy Nguyen

Corporate actions manager

[email protected]

About Me

Andy joined CTA in 2021 as a well-rounded Manager with experience at Marelli/DS Corporate Services, the OSC, and various law offices. Andy’s responsibilities include AGMs, corporate actions, stock offerings, SEDAR/SEDI filings, and corporate secretarial support for CTA clients.

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